The WISER Project


The WISER Project is a prototype web-based intervention for emerging adults dealing with troubled and abusive relationships. The project uses video and narrative therapy techniques to explore a series of relationship types, and encourage participants to move past negative relationship patterns.

The project is based on research done by Dr. Claire Draucker (IU School of Nursing) and Dr. Donna Martsolf (University of Cincinnati). Their research identifies "types" of abusive and troubled relationship patterns found among young adults. The web application prototype developed by the project will be used in an intervention study.

Each week, study participants will view web videos of actors who tell a story about being involved in one of the troubled relationships. Participants will have a writing assignment related to the video material after each session. Peer counselors will review the writing and offer insight to the participants.

The project is currently in the video production phase. Once the video production is complete, the videos will be used in a web application developed for the study participants and the peer counselors.

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