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Find a Mentor. Be a Mentor. Learning from someone who has "been there" is the best way to avoid common mistakes in any endeavor. The Mentor Exchange is a tool that helps faculty members find others who are willing to help their colleagues succeed. Faculty mentors can go to the Mentor Exchange and provide details about their expertise and experience. Faculty seeking mentoring advice can provide details about their needs. The Mentor Exchange searches a database to provide a ranked list of matches for potential mentors. Users searching for a mentor can then browse profiles with contact information.

The project was funded by the IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs, and brought to the COMET Lab by Professor Steven Mannheimer. The vision for the project was developed by Prof. Mannheimer and Dr. Davide Bolchini, the Chair of the Human-Centered Computing Department in the School of Informatics and Computing.

Graduate student Dhanashree Bhat developed the initial user interface prototype, and the project development was led by Professor Louie Zhu, with a team of COMET developers, including Pankaj Avhad, Abdulaziz Alderhami, and Kunal Bodke.

The Mentor Exchange launched in August 2015, and is open to all IUPUI faculty. To find a mentor - or be a mentor, visit

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SPONSOR:IUPUI Office of Academic Affairs CHAMPION:Steve Mannheimer TEAM LEAD:Pankaj Ahvad

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